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Show and hide hidden files in the Finder

If you are UNIX savvy, no doubt you find yourself accessing hidden folders and files. DotFiles allows you to quickly and easily toggle the Finder's display of all hidden files. Implemented as a Service, it is always available in the Finder's Services menu as "Finder Toggle Show All Files" or by hitting Cmd+Shift+2 while browsing a Finder window.

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Tips and Warnings

The Finder and UNIX shells hide files that start with a '.' (a dot, hence the name of the program 'DotFiles'). NEVER modify, rename or delete a dot or hidden file unless you know what you are doing. If you do, you COULD break your system.

The file '.hidden' in the root directory specifies other non-dot files and folders that should normally be hidden from view in the Finder. If you have super user rights, you can tweak this file by removing entries you would like to show or add entries that you would like to hide.

Toggling showing and hiding of hidden files requires the Finder to be restarted. DotFiles automates the process for you (without ending your session). However, quitting the Finder while it is busy copying or moving files, formatting disks, or burning optical media could cause these operations to fail or abort with adverse side effects. Do not use DotFiles while you are performing background Finder activities.

Hidden files and folders are hidden to keep tinkerers out of trouble. Deleting, renaming or otherwise manipulating system files will render your system unusable if you don't know what you are doing. Normally most of the hidden files in the root directory are read-only, which provides a certain amount of safety. Hidden files in your own home directory don't provide the same, so be informed prior to deleting or messing with one of these files.

DotFiles is fun and useful, but use at your own risk. If you break your system, don't blame it on DotFiles. If this scares you, realize that DotFiles is not dangerous. What is dangerous is what you do to the new files you can now easily see and manipulate.

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