StayInTouch (TM)

Product Description

StayInTouch is an integrated, free-format, group address book designed for the enterprise. It helps you manage and organize names, postal addresses, email addresses, phone and fax numbers, and correspondence you send them: the information you need to stay in touch.

StayInTouch automatically recognizes phone and fax numbers as well as postal and email addresses as fast as you type them in. It provides you with the tools you need to import data from a variety of sources, making the application useful minutes after you start using it.

With a click of the mouse you can manage contact lists, dial a phone number, address envelopes or labels complete with USPS bar-codes, enter information regarding a contact in your favorite word-processor, or address an email message. These features are designed to save time and help you work smarter.

StayInTouch is tightly integrated with the NEXTSTEP environment. Fax numbers in our address books are available from within any application that supports faxing. You can even exchange StayInTouch files with any NEXTSTEP user, even if they don't use our product and they will be able to view the information!

With its Group capabilities, you can easily manage large mailings, administrate email mailing lists - you can even deliver multiple documents via fax, or email to a large number of people in seconds - simultaneously. StayInTouch helps you automate repetitive tasks such as printing large numbers of envelopes or labels.

Product Features

Product Pricing and Availability

StayInTouch version 2.27 is available for all currently supported NEXTSTEP platforms. OPENSTEP compatibility is coming soon.

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