Product Description

InForms is an office productivity tool for filling-out single page forms. Never again fuss with a page layout or word processor application to create a transmittal or a memo. InForms allows you to quickly enter information into a preformatted template. The result is a professional looking document.

InForms provides you with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view of the form that matches your printed output. All available form templates are listed in a pop-up menu, giving you instant access to them. You have access to the spell checker, and can manipulate and override font attributes such as size and face.

You create InForms templates with, the drawing application bundled with NEXTSTEP. With it you can create single page templates that are graphically rich. Your templates can include TIFFs, EPS files and other graphics.

A necessary office utility!

Product Pricing and Availability

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