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DiskMaker is the fastest disk duplication software for NEXTSTEP. With it you can mass duplicate disks 4 to 9 times faster than by hand. Manual duplication can take anywhere from 4.3 to 9 minutes per disk depending on file sizes and other factors. DiskMaker reduces this task to about one minute.

Duplication times are linear and independent of the number of files on the disk. DiskMaker supports industry standard 720K, 1.4MB and 2.8MB disk densities. Its powerful verification technology insures that defective media is not distributed to your customers.

DiskMaker will automatically format the disk (if needed), name it, and fill it up in a single step. DiskMaker is able to reuse low level disk formatting. Readily available pre-formatted DOS disks can be used to build NEXTSTEP volumes without reformatting the disk. You can save DiskImages to disk.

Product Features

Product Pricing and Availability

DiskMaker version 1.75 is available for all currently supported NEXTSTEP platforms. OPENSTEP compatibility is coming soon.

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