Product Description

Need to fax several documents to the same number at the same time? CollagistPro is an electronic binder that allows you to combine several documents into a PostScript file that you can email, fax, or print with ease. You can combine all standard NEXTSTEP file types with a simple drag-and-drop interface. CollagistPro is also filter-services aware. This feature transparently extends the number of formats usable by application based on the software available to your computer.

CollagistPro gives you absolute control over the layout of your documents. You can manipulate settings such as the number of pages per sheet of paper, binding margins, or add page numbers. All layout controls operate on any individual document or on the entire CollagistPro document. CollagistPro automatically reformats PostScript documents to fit into any selected paper size, making it easy to use PostScript format documents. You can preview any document right from the application.

You can effectively use CollagistPro to organize a series of related documents into an easy-to-use bundle. You can store documents as references to the original document, saving storage resources and making it convenient to reference the latest revision of a shared document. CollagistPro acts as a binder grouping your documents and giving you instant easy access to them. You can open any document from within the CollagistPro window, just by double-clicking its name.

CollagistPro features a powerful API (Application Programmer's Interface) that allows your own mission-critical applications combine, fax, email, or print several documents types effortlessly.

File Format Compatibility

CollagistPro allows you to combine all the standard NEXTSTEP file formats:

Product Pricing and Availability

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