Stronghold: Apache-SSL-US

Product Description

Stronghold: Apache-SSL-US is a high-performance encrypting webserver. Based on Apache, the most popular HTTP server in the world, this webserver provides commercial strength encryption which is fully compatible with Netscape Navigator's Secure Socket Layer - the software encryption protocol behind the Netscape Commerce Server and the Netscape Browser.

Stronghold Apache-SSL-US provides increased functionality to servers of similar capabilities from Netscape Communications Corp. Stronghold Apache-SSL-US supports virtual hosts (the server supports multiple certificates per server), API Extensibility, tools for building private Certificate Authorities for installations which need to maintain high security and confidentiality with support for SSL-X.509 Client Authentication. Source code and libraries are included with the product, allowing you to building customized versions of the server with an easy to use modular extension API.

Apache-SSL-US provides you with the ability to create your own Certificate Authority for use with enterprise-wide applications ("Intranet"). This allows your organization to certify webservers used internally within your organization, and provides your organization's internal clients with a mechanism of trust for those servers without an external third party.

For commercial applications, VeriSign issues Digital Ids for the Apache-SSL-US web server, certifying your Certificate of Authority. This increases customer trust in electronic commerce.

Product Features

Product Pricing and Availability

Stronghold Apache-SSL-US is available now for all currently supported NEXTSTEP platforms. However, because of U.S. export restriction laws this product is not available to customers outside of the United States and Canada.

Product Sales and Support

To purchase Stronghold Apache-SSL-US for NEXTSTEP or for more information on this product, please contact SmartSoft, at 414/376-4590 or by email: Info@SmartSoft.COM.

Support for the NEXTSTEP commercial versions is available from SmartSoft directly. Non-commercial users should contact Community ConneXion, Inc for more information on how to obtain the non-commercial version.

Stronghold: Apache-SSL-US is a product of Community ConneXion, Inc. with portions developed by (taken with permission): the Apache Group, Ben Laurie and Eric Young. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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