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After a long hiatus from working on Cocoa applications, I am back. These are some of the projects I have been working on during my free time [of which I have little]. As with this site, things are work in progress.

Cocoa programming is a welcomed rest from Java Swing and other miserable APIs which I spend my working days on. If NeXTSTEP (or NeXTstep, or NEXTSTEP, or NextStep depending on what year you adopted) was your old hat, you might remember DotFiles. There were many others then. I never really ported to OpenStep or OS X, as it would have been better to rewrite but the future was not encouraging. Some things like StayInTouch and Collagist I want to port if I ever find the time to do it. If your are curious about software archeology, visit the old site for the old perspective.

Next Generation Lineup

TempSensor v0.9

Show temperature sensor readings in a Dashboard widget (free)

DotFiles v1.2

Show and hide hidden files in the Finder (free)

EnvironmentVariables v0.80

Manage your environment variables (free)

UnixServices v0.6

Convert any command line program to a Service (free)

PhotoLayout v0.5

Print and layout your photos (not yet and probably not for free)

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